If you love the room and comfort that a van rental gives you when taking an Orange County trip, but don’t like the style of a van, an SUV rental may be the perfect fit for you. With their sporty good looks and roomy interior, SUV rentals offer you the versatility and comfort you’re looking for. Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental can set you up with an SUV rental for your Southern California trip.

SUV Features

Number of Passengers: 5
Luggage Capacity: 5
Doors: 4
Transmission: Automatic
Stereo: AM/FM/CD Player
Air Conditioning: Yes

SUV Rental Advantages

One advantage to SUV rentals is that you sit up higher on the road than when you’re driving a car. When you’re on the highway to Anaheim surrounded by semis, trucks, and vans, you’ll feel more secure in an SUV rental from Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental. And, when you rent an SUV, you’ll have a much better view of the traffic. It’s easier to see what’s ahead of you and what’s coming up behind you when you’re sitting up higher.


Riding in an SUV rental is comfortable for your passengers too. With a roomy backseat, there’s plenty of space for a sightseeing trip to Santa Ana. Most of the backseats have headrests, allowing for comfortable neck and head support. The back of your SUV rental will hold quite a bit of luggage. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can drop the family or friends off, fold down the back seats and have even more available storage for stocking up on groceries or other supplies. When you rent an SUV, it’s also the perfect place to stow surfboards and other beach toys for your vacation. It’s hard to beat the sporty good looks and functionality of an SUV rental from Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental.

SUV Handling Capabilities

Not to be overlooked are the handling capabilities of your SUV rental. Although each SUV has its own degree of capabilities, in general SUVs are known for their superior handling abilities in comparison to other vehicles. You can be confident that while you’re on the road to Cypress, CA or Garden Grove, CA, your SUV rental will be able to handle different types of road surfaces. This gives you a measure of security and assurance.

Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental offers many other services in the Southern California area as well. We can meet all your vehicle rental needs including car rentals, van rentals, truck rentals and airport rentals. We can also help you with your car buying and car repair needs. Whether you’re planning your next trip or your next car purchase, give us a call today. We’re here to serve you.