There are certain times in life when it just comes in handy to rent a truck. Perhaps you have a child heading off to college or moving out of the nest into a first apartment in Southern California. Or, perhaps you’re relocating and could use the extra space and sturdiness of a moving truck rental to move your belongings. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental in Stanton, CA has the right truck rental for you.


Truck Rentals Santa Ana

Pickup Truck Rental

A pick up truck rental can be very handy if you need to move a few things from your Garden Grove, CA home.

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Moving Truck Rentals Stanton CA

Moving Truck Rental

Whether moving a few pieces of furniture or everything in your Cypress, CA home, a moving truck rental is more than necessary.

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Do you need to haul a few items that just won’t fit into your car or SUV? If so, a pickup truck rental is waiting for you at Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental. Whether you need it for a day or for a week,-long Santa Ana trip, we’ll be happy to set you up with a truck rental that will handle your tasks with ease. Remember us, too, if you need to rent a pickup truck to pull a camper or trailer. You won’t have to worry about blowing the engine on your own vehicle.

When it’s time to move, a moving truck rental is the most efficient way to complete this task, while protecting your belongings. Moving truck rentals give you quite a bit of space to fit in those big and bulky items, such as appliances, couches, beds and other furniture from your Anaheim home. We’ve all tried trying to stuff a mattress inside an SUV rental, or worse yet, seen one tied to the top of a rental car with the driver trying to hold on to it. Contact Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental today and schedule a truck rental to avoid these disaster-waiting-to-happen situations.

Besides the large amount of space in a moving truck rental, another advantage is that your Newport, CA belongings will stay dry and protected from the outside elements. We carefully service our truck rentals to be sure they are in good working order for your move. And, you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy items over your head. Our moving truck rentals are low to the ground to make your job easier when moving day arrives.

Coast To Coast Auto Repair & Car Rental offers many other services in the Southern California area besides truck rentals. We can meet all your vehicle rental needs including car rentals, van rentals, SUV rentals and airport rentals. We can also help you with your car buying and car repair needs. Whether you’re planning your next trip or your next car purchase, give us a call today. We’re here to serve you.